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What is Digital Citizenship? The practice of navigating the digital world safely, responsibly, and ethically. ( )

Dodgeland students have a great opportunity with access to technology but with that opportunity comes responsibility. Complimenting Dodgeland's 1:1 Learning initiative, students learn what it means to be a digital citizen.

All Dodgeland students have an eBook on their iPads from Common Sense Media. This eBook is FREE to Dodgeland School District and its students.

Covers of Common Sense Media digital citizenship eBooks.

The books are interactive with videos, activities and assessments. Teacher's receive students' work upon completion.

Elementary students are working on their eBooks in their classrooms, Middle School and High School students are working on their eBooks during Aspire time.

Digital Citizenship is not an easy task: finding reliable web sites, choosing wisely when posting in any form (text, social media posts) or being mindful of the task at hand (one task). Always keep in mind:

Think Before You Post

Would I want my employer to see this?

Would I want a college application officer to see this?

Would I want my coach to see this?

Would I want my parents to see this?

Parents, if you would like more information on Digital Citizenship the Common Sense Media web site is a wealth of resources.

Dodgeland School District's mission statement

The mission of the Dodgeland School District is to prepare and empower learners to successfully contribute to an evolving world community.

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