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Dodgeland High School Student at a Desktop Computer

Dodgeland Middle School Student Working on an iPad

Dodgeland Elementary Students Working at Desktop Computers

After three years of research and planning, another three years of implementation into the classrooms, the Dodgeland School District is proud of its 1:1 (one-to-one) Learning initiative. Each student at Dodgeland has access to an iPad in the classroom and middle/high school students can take their devices home for extended learning opportunities.

The district believes that a 1:1 technology learning initiative is the model for education in the 21st century. Dodgeland also believes that because personal computing devices have become the norm, students should be prepared to properly use them.

In the 1:1 Learning pages you can find answers to questions you may have about Dodgeland's 1:1 Learning initiative and our hope is you get a better picture of our Dodgeland school community and how we utilize technology resources daily.

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Dodgeland School District's mission statement

The mission of the Dodgeland School District is to prepare and empower learners to successfully contribute to an evolving world community.

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