DSD Policy 500




510 Personnel Policy Goals

511 Equal Opportunity Employment

511-Rule (1) Employment Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Procedures

511-Rule (2) Procedures for Employee Accommodations Under Section 504

512 Employee Harassment and Bullying

*520 General Personnel Policies

521 Staff Involvement in Decision Making

521.1 Board-Staff Communications

522 Staff Conduct

522.1 Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace

522.3 Staff Misconduct Reporting

522.3-Rule Procedures for Staff Misconduct Reporting

522.4 Staff Ethics/Conflicts of Interest

522.41 Conflicts of Interest (Anti-Nepotism)

522.5 Staff Involvement in Political Activities

522.6 Staff Participation in Community Activities

522.7 Staff Technology Use Policy

522.7-Rule Staff Technology Use Guidelines

522.7-Exhibit Staff Technology Use Policy User Agreement

522.8 Prohibition Against Work Stoppage

 *523 Staff Health and Safety

523.1 Physical Examinations

523.11 Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing

523.2 Employee Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

523.4 Staff Protection

523.41 Search of Employee Work and Storage Spaces

523.5 Family and Medical Leave

525 Staff Sales & Solicitations

526 Personnel Records

527 Employee Complaint Policy and Procedures

527-Exhibit Employee Grievance Form

529 Staff Commemorative Gifts

*530 Professional Staff Policies

 *531 Professional Staff Positions

531.1 Licensure and Certification for Certified Professional Teaching Personnel

*532 Professional Staff Contracts

532.2 Compensation for Certified Professional Teaching Staff

532.21 Severance Pay

532.22 Staff Fringe Benefits/Worker's Compensation

532.3 Staff Leaves

532.31 Professional Staff Leave of Absence

532.32 Attendance, Absenteeism and Tardiness

532.33 Holidays for Certified Professional Teaching Personnel

532.6 Staff Vacations

533 Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring

533-Rule Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring Procedures

533.1 Criminal Background Checks

534 Substitute Teachers

534-Rule Substitute Teacher Compensation

535 Professional Staff Assignments, Transfers and Vacancies

535.1 Schedules For Certified Professional Teaching Staff

535.2 Extra Curricular, Co-Curricular, And Other Assignments

*536 Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force

536.1 Resignation and Liquidated Damages for Certified Professional Teaching Personnel

536.11 Resignations Finalized

536.2 Layoff & of Certified Professional Teaching Personnel

536.3 Discipline, Discharge and Nonrenewal

536.4 Suspension of Professional Teaching Staff

537 Professional Staff Development Opportunities

537.1 Professional Organizations

537.2 Professional Staff Orientation

537.4 Reimbursement for Education

538 Professional Staff Evaluations

538-Rule Professional Staff Evaluation Procedures

538.1 Supervision and Evaluation of Extracurricular Personnel

*539 Miscellaneous Professional Staff Policies

539.2 Private Tutoring By District Employees

539.4 Personal Appearance of Professional Staff

*540 Support Staff Policies

543 Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring

*546 Reduction in Support Staff Work Force

546.2 Discipline and Discharge

548 Support Staff Evaluation

*549 Miscellaneous Support Staff Policies

The * indicates a general policy topic area where there is no actual policy.

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