DSD Policy 400




410 Student Policies Goals

411 Equal Educational Opportunities

411-Rule 1 Student Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Procedures

411-Rule 2 Nondiscrimination Guidelines Related To Students Who Are Transgender and Students

Nonconforming To Gender Roll Sterotypes

411-Exhibit Discrimination Complaint Form

411.1 Student Sexual Harassment

411.1-Exhibit Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

411.2 Student Harassment and Bullying

411.2-Rule Harassment and Bullying Complaint Procedures

412.1 Full-Time Students

420 School Admission

420-Rule (1) Procedures for Placing Transfer Students

420-Rule (2) Procedures for Enrollment & Placement of Homeless Children & Youth

421 Admission To Kindergarten and First Grade

421-Rule Procedures For Early Admission To Kindergarten Or First Grade and Exemption From Mandatory Kindergarten

422.1 Foreign Exchange Students

422.1-Rule Foreign Exchange Student Program Guidelines

423 Full-Time Open Enrollment

423-Rule Full-Time Open Enrollment Procedures

*430 Attendance

431 Student Attendance

431-Rule Student Attendance/Truancy Procedures

434.1 Released Time For Religious Instruction

434.2 Closed Campus

*440 Student Rights and Responsibilities

441.1 Student Government

443 Student Conduct

443-Rule Code of Classroom Conduct

443.4 Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use

443.4-Rule Discipline Procedures for Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use Violations

443.5 Use and Possession of Personal Electronic Devices

443.5-Rule Procedures For Personal Electronic Device Violations

443.7 Threats To Or By Students

443.8 Gangs and Gang-Related Behavior

445 Student Interviews With Law Enforcement Officers

445-Rule Procedures for Student Interviews with Law Enforcement Officers

446.1 Locker Searches

447 Student Discipline

447.1 Corporal Punishment/Use of Physical Force

447.1-Rule Procedures For Reporting Use of Physical Force

447.11 Use of Seclusion and Physical Restraint

447.11-Exhibit Seclusion and Physical Restraint Training/Acknowledgement and Agreement

447.2 Student Detentions

447.2-Rule Student Detention Procedures

447.3 Student Suspensions/Expulsions

447.3-Rule Student Suspension/Expulsion Procedures

*450 Student Health and Welfare

453.1 Emergency Nursing Services

453.1-Rule (1) Emergency Nursing Service Procedures

453.1-Rule (2) Procedures for Handling Student Illnesses or Injuries

453.11 Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

453.2 Student Immunization

453.3 Communicable Diseases

453.3-Rule Communicable Disease Control Procedures

453.31 Head Lice/Nits

453.31-Rule Head Lice/Nits Control Guidelines

453.4 Administering Medication to Students

453.4-Rule Administering Medication Procedures

453.6 Students with Special Health Care Needs

453.61 Managing Student Allergies

453.61-Rule Procedures for Managing Student Allergies

454 Child Abuse and Neglect

454-Rule Procedures For Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

455.2 Student Motor Vehicle Use

457 Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Post Intervention

458 School Wellness

458-Rule School Wellness Policy Implementation Procedures

460 Student Awards and Scholarships

460-Rule Student Award Procedures

460-Rule 2 Procedures For Awarding the Wisconsin Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship

460-Rule 3 Procedures For Awarding the Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship

461 Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship

*470 Student Fees, Fines and Charges

*480 Student Employment

*490 Miscellaneous Student Policies

The * indicates a general policy topic area where there is no actual policy.

Dodgeland School District's mission statement

The mission of the Dodgeland School District is to prepare and empower learners to successfully contribute to an evolving world community.

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