DSD Policy 300




* 310 Instructional Goals

*320 General Organization Plan

323 School Ceremonies and Observances

323.1 Special Observance Days

323.1-Exhibit Special Observance Days

323.2 Patriotic Observances

330 Curriculum Development and Adoption

333 Student Privacy/Parent Rights and District Programs/Activities

*340 Educational Program

341.31 Human Growth and Development Instruction

341.31-Exhibit Human Growth and Development Instruction Exemption Request Form

342.1 Programs For Students With Disabilities

342.13 Recording of Parent Meetings

342.13-Rule Procedures For Recording Parent Meetings

342.3 Gifted and Talented Program

342.5 Title I Programming

342.5-Rule Guidelines For Parent Involvement (Title I)

342.62 Programs and Services For English Language Learners

342.62-Rule Procedures For Assessing English Language Learners

342.9 Section 504 Plan

342.9-Rule Section 504 Implementation Procedures

343.4 Course Options

343.4-Rule Procedures For Handling Course Applications Through Course Options Program

343.42 Youth Options Program

343.42-Rule Youth Options Program Procedures

343.7 Online Learning

343.7-Rule Rules for Participating in Online Courses

345.1 Grading Systems

345.1-Rule High School Grading Guidelines

345.11 High School Class Rank

345.4 Promotion, Acceleration and Retention Of Students

345.4-Rule K-8 Retention Procedures

345.6 Graduation Requirements

345.61 Early Graduation

345.61-Rule Early Graduation Procedures

345.61-Exhibit Application for Early Graduation

345.62 Graduation Exercises

345.62-Rule Procedures for Graduation Exercises

345.64 High School Credit for Courses Taken by 7th and 8th Grade Students

346 Testing Programs

347 Student Records

347-Rule Guidelines for the Maintenance and Confidentiality Of Student Records

347-Exhibit (1) Student Records Notice

347-Exhibit (2) Request To Withhold Directory Data/Information

*350 Extended Instructional Programs

352 Student Trips

352-Rule Field Trips/Travel Procedures

353.1 School Volunteers

*360 Instructional Resources and Services

361.1 Instructional Materials Selection and Evaluation

361.1-Rule (1) Instructional Materials Selection and Evaluation Procedures

361.1-Rule (2) Procedures For Reconsideration Of Instructional Materials

361.1-Exhibit (1) Citizen's Request For Reconsideration Of Library and Instructional Materials

361.1-Exhibit (2) Curriculum Committee Report On Textbook Adoption

362.1 Interlibrary Loan

363.2 Student Technology Use

363.2-Rule Student Technology Use Guidelines

363.2-Exhibit Student Technology Use/User Agreement

363.3 Assistive Technology For Students and Staff With Special Needs

363.3-Rule Assistive Technology Procedures

363.5 Student Use of District-Owned Mobile Devices

363.5-Rule Procedures For Student Use of District-Owned Mobile Devices

364 Guidance and Counseling Program

370 Extracurricular Activity Programs

374 Student Fund Raising Activities

377 Interscholastic Athletics

*380 Miscellaneous Instruction Policies

381 Teaching About Controversial Issues

381-Rule Guidelines For Teaching About Controversial Issues

381.1 Religion In The Schools

381.1-Rule Procedures To Accommodate Student Religious Beliefs

383 Animals in School

383-Rule Guidelines For Animals In School

The * indicates a general policy topic area where there in no actual policy.

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