DSD Policy 300




* 310 Instructional Goals

*320 General Organization Plan

323 School Ceremonies and Observances

323.1 Special Observance Days

323.1-Exhibit Special Observance Days

323.2 Patriotic Observances

330 Curriculum Development and Adoption

333 Student Privacy/Parent Rights and District Programs/Activities

*340 Educational Program

341.31 Human Growth and Development Instruction

341.31-Exhibit Human Growth and Development Instruction Exemption Request Form

342.1 Programs For Students With Disabilities

342.13 Recording of Parent Meetings

342.13-Rule Procedures For Recording Parent Meetings

342.3 Gifted and Talented Program

342.5 Title I Programming

342.5-Rule Guidelines For Parent Involvement (Title I)

342.62 Programs and Services For English Language Learners

342.62-Rule Procedures For Assessing English Language Learners

342.9 Section 504 Plan

342.9-Rule Section 504 Implementation Procedures

343.4 Course Options

343.4-Rule Procedures For Handling Course Applications Through Course Options Program

343.42 Youth Options Program

343.42-Rule Youth Options Program Procedures

343.7 Online Learning

343.7-Rule Rules for Participating in Online Courses

345.1 Grading Systems

345.1-Rule High School Grading Guidelines

345.11 High School Class Rank

345.4 Promotion, Acceleration and Retention Of Students

345.4-Rule K-8 Retention Procedures

345.6 Graduation Requirements

345.61 Early Graduation

345.61-Rule Early Graduation Procedures

345.61-Exhibit Application for Early Graduation

345.62 Graduation Exercises

345.62-Rule Procedures for Graduation Exercises

345.64 High School Credit for Courses Taken by 7th and 8th Grade Students

346 Testing Programs

347 Student Records

347-Rule Guidelines for the Maintenance and Confidentiality Of Student Records

347-Exhibit (1) Student Records Notice

347-Exhibit (2) Request To Withhold Directory Data/Information

*350 Extended Instructional Programs

352 Student Trips

352-Rule Field Trips/Travel Procedures

353.1 School Volunteers

*360 Instructional Resources and Services

361.1 Instructional Materials Selection and Evaluation

361.1-Rule (1) Instructional Materials Selection and Evaluation Procedures

361.1-Rule (2) Procedures For Reconsideration Of Instructional Materials

361.1-Exhibit (1) Citizen's Request For Reconsideration Of Library and Instructional Materials

361.1-Exhibit (2) Curriculum Committee Report On Textbook Adoption

362.1 Interlibrary Loan

363.2 Student Technology Use

363.2-Rule Student Technology Use Guidelines

363.2-Exhibit Student Technology Use/User Agreement

363.3 Assistive Technology For Students and Staff With Special Needs

363.3-Rule Assistive Technology Procedures

363.5 Student Use of District-Owned Mobile Devices

363.5-Rule Procedures For Student Use of District-Owned Mobile Devices

364 Guidance and Counseling Program

370 Extracurricular Activity Programs

374 Student Fund Raising Activities

377 Interscholastic Athletics

*380 Miscellaneous Instruction Policies

381 Teaching About Controversial Issues

381-Rule Guidelines For Teaching About Controversial Issues

381.1 Religion In The Schools

381.1-Rule Procedures To Accommodate Student Religious Beliefs

383 Animals in School

383-Rule Guidelines For Animals In School

The * indicates a general policy topic area where there in no actual policy.

Dodgeland School District's mission statement

The mission of the Dodgeland School District is to prepare and empower learners to successfully contribute to an evolving world community.

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