DSD Policy 100




110 Educational Philosophy

111 School District Goals

112 Nondiscrimination

1 12-Rule General Discrimination Complaint Procedure

112-Exhibit Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form

120 School District Legal Status

130 School Board Legal Status

131.1 Board Member Qualifications

132 Board Member Resignations

133 Filling Board Vacancies

133-Exhibit Notice of Appointment of a Board Member

*140 Officers, Auxiliary Personnel of the District

142 Legal Counsel

143 Consultants to the Board

150 Board Powers and Duties

151 Board Policy Development and Review

151-Rule Policy Adoption and Procedures

151.1 Dissemination of Policies

151.2 Administration in Absence of Policy

152 School Board Goal Setting

153 Board Self-Evaluation

*160 Board Members

161 Board Member Authority and Responsibilities

162 New Board Member Orientation

163 Board Member Development Opportunities

164 Board Member Compensation and Expenses

165 Code of Ethics for School Board Members

166 Board Member Electronic Communications

*170 School Board Meetings

171.2 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

172 Special Board Meetings

173 Closed Sessions

174 Board Organization Meeting

*180 Operating Procedures

182 Quorum/Rules of Order

183 Voting

184 Board Minutes

185 Board Committees

186 Advisory Committees

186-Rule Advisory Committee Guidelines

187 Public Participation at Board Meetings

190 Recognition for Accomplishment

190-Rule Employee Recognition Guidelines

The * indicates a general policy topic area where there is no actual policy.

Revised (WASB): November 24, 2008

Dodgeland School District's mission statement

The mission of the Dodgeland School District is to prepare and empower learners to successfully contribute to an evolving world community.

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