The Gathering Source

The Gathering Source


Food Pantry

From the Gathering Source website: "Our food pantry offers a wide variety of foods that include fresh produce, meats, pizzas, cereals, and a variety of ingredients to make a nutritious meal. Our food pantry was founded in 2010. At that time, we were delivering food to 5 families. We now serve over 100 households twice per month and continue to grow. During March 2016, we kicked off our weekend snackpack program for kids of families in need. In partnership with our Dodgeland Schools, we were able to provide 960 “snackpacks” during the last three months of the school year! Our snackpacks included such things as cereal, fresh fruit, shelf stable milk, and kid-friendly microwavable meals."

Backpack Program

From the Gathering Source website: "In a time where school funding in Wisconsin continues to decrease, the burden of providing school supplies for students now belongs to the parents. We decided to make this a program of The Gathering Source because we want each child to be filled with pride as they start the school year and not stand out from the rest of the students. The backpacks are assembled by student volunteers. Each backpack is then placed at the child’s desk for open house. To preserve a student’s privacy and dignity, backpack recipients remain confidential."

Weekend Meal Packs

From The Gathering Source website: "More than half of the children in our schools need a free or reduced lunch due to lack of household income. For many of these children, school is their main source of food.The Gathering Source reduces food insecurity for schoolchildren by providing weekend mealpacks. We focus on nutrition by providing cereal, shelf stable milk, simple to prepare meals, nutritious snacks, and fruit. In partnership with our Dodgeland Schools, student volunteers assemble mealpacks each week and the school confidentially distributes the mealpacks to registered students."

More information about The Gathering Source can be found on their website by clicking here.



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